About Us



Acoustrom is a leader in professional sound.

Acoustrom has a department of engineers and designers to guarantee the quality and aesthetics of the products.


Acoustrom is synonymous with quality.

Acoustrom has a department of engineers and designers to ensure the quality of the functionality and aesthetics of the products.


Acoustrom thought for the future.

Acoustrom is a company in constant evolution.
We are committed to achieving a balance between timeliness and quality.

A few words about us


Born in 2014, Acoustrom is a leader industry in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of professional audio products that ensure sonic reliability and complete satisfaction for Sound Reinforcement Professionals, Musicians, DJs, Touring bands and Amateurs.

The company's product range includes high-performance power amplifiers, a growing family of mixers with the perfect combination of features, a truly amazing line-up of microphones and wireless systems.

At the forefront of loudspeaker technology Acoustrom, proudly introduces the most respected loudspeaker and loudspeaker enclosures to suit every application and installation, including Line-Array systems skilled in producing extremely high sound pressure levels in spite of its size.

Acoustrom offers a range of great value State-of-the-art professional CD/USB/SD/iPod players, DJs Mixers, Digital and Analogical Signal Audio Processors and True DJ Workstations.

We have a project-oriented philosophy focused on tomorrow to provide, our main perspective: offer the best sound, technology and quality, always at competitive prices.

Endless progress, our Company enjoys global success. Acoustrom is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the industry today.
We supply products directly to over 36 countries in the world through a simple and well-organized supply-chain and we are looking towards a bright future with additional growth both in existing and new markets.

Welcome to Acoustrom; join the Sound, Knowledge & Passion along with professionals.